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Jem's Legacy

Who We Are: The Beginning

Team Charity Case was founded by Kristie Wilder and Kevin Kon who had a passion for cycling and even greater passion for animals.

Kristie and Kevin had rescued several animals including 3 dogs and 4 cats. They found loving homes for many others. Kristie had a cat named Jem who is the inspiration behind the Team Logo. Jem was adopted from the Arizona Humane Societies 2nd Chance Hospital.

Female mountain biker riding trail through arid cactus landscape
Competitive female mountain biker riding desert trail surrounded by cactus

Cycling Team

Kristie decided to create a cycling team and call it Team Charity Case. Her goal was to raise 500 dollars for the Arizona Humane Society. Kristie had each team member seek out pledges from their friends and family who would essentially sponsor that particular rider. The first event Kristie ever entered as Team Charity Case was a 24 hr endurance event. The riders not only got pledges for being a rider for the Team but also, they would get money on a per lap basis. The goal was to complete as many laps as possible racking up the per lap donations.

Team Charity Case exceeded its initial goal of 500 dollars and raised instead roughly $2000 during their debut event. 100% of the proceeds went to the Arizona Humane Society.

A Lasting Impact

Team Charity Case was a success! Kristie was interviewed by Channel 15 during the Arizona Humane Societies Pet Telethon where she was honored along with Team Charity Case for their creative fund-raising efforts.

Weeks following the event, Kristie was at the Vet getting one of her own pets treated when the Doctor thanked her for helping so many animals. The Doctor saw the interview of Kristie during the Pet Telethon. The Doctor asked if Team Charity Case would be entering more events and raising more money to help animals. Kristie replied she didn’t know, it was overwhelming as she wanted to save all animals, help all pets. Kristie explained that it was painful to think of any animal not having hope. After all, she said, what would a world absent of Hope even look like? The Doctor told Kristie that she may not be able to change the world, but she can change the world for one animal.

From that day forward, Kristie and Team Charity Case charge on with the goal to change one animal’s life at a time. Team Charity Case actively engages in raising Money, raising Awareness, and most importantly offering Hope.

More than 20 years later supporting various organizations, Team Charity Case has evolved tremendously. Team Charity Case continues to have riders in cycling events wearing Team Jerseys with the goal of raising awareness one lap at a time.

Man posing with mountain bike team jersey
Long-haired tabby kitten held in arms of veterinarian
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Tabby kitten being held closely to owner

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