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Jin’s Bottle Babies

Orphan, newborn kitten rescue

The JBB Mission

Jin’s Bottle Babies provides quality bottle feeding services to orphan and abandoned kittens in Arizona through responsible rescuing and continued education in newborn kitten care. Our dedication and responsibility to our fosters does not end once they are “adoption ready”, but extends into ensuring their forever homes are homes that will take even better care of them than we did. In addition, Jin’s Bottle Babies are active participants in Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and focus our TNR efforts on areas where we receive our intakes from to end the cycle of unwanted births of stray and feral cats. Our ultimate mission is, to one day, no longer see a need for bottle feeders in Arizona because unwanted births in stray and feral cats will have been eradicated, thereby reducing euthanasia rates in shelters, the number of homeless animals, and their suffering.

Quality Bottle Feeding

It is important to us to provide high-quality care to every single bottle baby that we intake. Bottle baby kittens are extremely vulnerable and it is our goal to ensure that our care towards them is careful and exceptional.

Quality Adoptions

We work hard to ensure that our fosters are adopted into homes that will forever uphold the quality of care that we provided to our kittens while they were fosters. It is our goal to ensure that every single kitten is “set for life” once they leave our care.


While we love bottle feeding, we hope to one day see an extreme reduction in the need for bottle feeders in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This involves educating and assisting the public on spaying and neutering homeless cats to ensure they do not continue to breed and contribute to our overwhelmed shelter systems in Arizona.

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