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Saving Orphans & Seniors Cat Rescue

Foster-based, no kill, non-profit animal rescue

Devoted to Orphans & Seniors

Since all our cats live in foster homes, we get to know them, their behavior, and their needs very well so we can help you find the cat that is a match for you.

SOS stands for Saving Orphans and Seniors and is founded by experienced Tucson based rescuers who focus on special-need-cats and their well-being. Our team consists of excellent foster families, specialized bottle-feeders with years of experience, as well as strong individuals with a loving heart for senior cats, their special needs, and the knowledge that most of our seniors are with us because of their deteriorating health. This means we give senior cats a loving hospice forever home where they can pass over in a home situation, loved and cared for.

Orange mother cat feeding litter of kittens
Tri-colored long-haired cat

Our Goal

Our goals are to rescue orphaned kittens and senior cats in need, provide them with the care they need, and find them wonderful homes and a place to live out their remaining days. We are also working hard at screening potential families and asking the right questions to ensure every single one of our rescued kitties finds their happily ever after home.

Throughout the year, we are raising funds to pay for all medical care we provide to our foster cats. We will let you know about our fundraising event on our website, Facebook, and Instagram and hope you are willing to support our cause!

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