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Animal Disaster Services

Serving Yavapai County


24 Hour Emergency Services

When an evacuation order is issued, under the direction of Yavapai County Emergency Management, A.D.S. will provide a shelter for pets and small domesticated animals.

Services are provided 24 hours per day, throughout the duration of the evacuation order.

Shelter, Food & Loving Care

While in the care of A.D.S., pets are provided with a clean environment, regular feeding schedule, physical activity, and social interaction.

There is NO cost to pet owners for the services provided by A.D.S.

Evacuation Preparedness

A.D.S. volunteers actively participate in community events and HOA/POA presentations throughout the year, providing information pertaining to pet evacuation preparedness.

Volunteer Based Organization

A.D.S. operates solely with volunteers. There are no paid positions. Volunteers work tirelessly out of love for animals and their communities.

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